Quality(Brand Names) .Modern. Design. Beauty. Finishing. Delivery .After sales services…

Sure, the prices are all the real needs for every customer.


Whenever any body introduce his business he introduce him self and talk about his

history, place of work and area, number of employs   etc….    

but we introduce what we do to our customers

They are we.

We have put all our customers needs and satisfaction under One Umbrella



In our kitchen industry we rely on the most well known producers of kitchen accessories such as

Grohe, Blanco,Shock, DuPont (Corian®,Zodiaq®).,Sileston, Sait, Tenax,Impa Samsung,….


Smart man who can use the experiment of expert people allover the word and joint them all

to gather under one  lovely name . The truth that’s what we did.


Our strategy is simple and easy in our market we have hundreds of qualified work shops and

They produce kitchens so we work with them...it really is as simple as that.




We have our international and local designers, engineers, quality control stuff.

With our supervision the workshops work for us and we guarantee the production for our customers.


Our Vision


Make it simple ,easy ,keep good price and highly quality  brand names…. That’s We.


Dr Sami Kilani







OneTwoPlus is your resource for modern Furniture. You can consider us as

your private furniture producer and supplier.


In fact through OneTwoPlus you can count on a professional experienced staff, which will guide you

through a safe and detailed purchase for your home and office .


OneTwoPlus is well known and specialized  in furniture  business, through its experience

in representing unique Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Switzerland, Turkish, and others .


Through OneTwoPlus you can discover  a wide selection of  modern  furniture,


Our modern, contemporary furniture is sure to breathe new life to your home or office.


Check back often as we regularly add new furniture products to our store.



With OneTwoPlus:




Dr Sami Kilani


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We love our new Kitchen. Definitely we will recommend you to our friends.....

Jone & Family

Design & quality . More over  price and delivery was amazing.........

Peter Sam

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