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It is characterised by coughing, wheezing when breathing and tightness in the chest, and when these symptoms considerably worsen it is usually described as an asthma attack, medically known as an acute asthma exacerbation. The attacks normally develop over a number of days, but can be more sudden; in severe cases these attacks require immediate medical attention. Asthma causes an inflammation of the tubes that carry the air both ways through the lungs bronchi. When they are agitated by an outside trigger, these tubes become narrower and the muscles around them constrict. More phlegm is also produced, and these factors all contribute to the symptoms we associate with the condition.

The triggers for asthma take a myriad of forms, and can range from irritants which commonly cause an allergic reaction, such as dust, pet hair or pollen, to certain types of medicines, colds or flu, exercise or even a change in the weather. Although what exactly causes asthma is unclear, factors that can make you more prone include smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke, being overweight, having a family history of the disease or allergies, or working with in an environment with certain substances in the air. When managed properly with the right medication and regular check ups, asthma normally should not have too dramatic an effect on day to day life.

For some, preventer medicines such as Singulair are a major method of treatment and should be taken daily, even when feeling well, to minimise the effects of possible exposure to various triggers.

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